RiskSpotlight AI Practice

"AI will not replace non-financial risk management teams. But those that don't leverage the power of Generative AI as core part of their processes, will be left behind."

Manoj Kulwal (Chief Risk & AI Officer, RiskSpotlight)

AI Services Overview

In the realm of financial services, managing non-financial risks often results in a sea of textual data—from risk assessment justifications to intricate loss event descriptions. Once seen as a challenge compared to quantifiable financial risks, this vast textual landscape is now an untapped goldmine, thanks to breakthroughs in generative AI technologies. The potential - enhanced productivity, deeper risk insights, and a fortified control environment? RiskSpotlight’s new AI Practice can transform these possibilities into tangible outcomes. Our team is a fusion of expertise:

Experience more than just incremental gains

We are confident that we can deliver at least 200% boost in productivity to our clients in 8 to 12 weeks. In addition to productivity gains we also deliver benefits of enhanced level of insights on risk exposure and a robust control environment.

RiskSpotlight's consulting ethos prioritises actions over words. Instead of just delivering a report full of promises we will deliver tangible benefits with our outcomes based consulting approach.

Our AI engagements start by identifying 2-3 pivotal use cases where AI can deliver significant productivity benefits, and swiftly delivering results on them in 8-12 weeks. Once these are delivered, we continue to iterate on additional use cases until the AI driven benefits are delivered to all key aspects of your risk management processes.


Use Case 1: Empower Your Team With AI-Driven Risk Management Training

Use Case 2: Precision In Risk Identification With AI


Use Case 3: AI-Driven Scenario Analysis for Enhanced Risk Preparedness

Use Case 4: Streamline Risk Reporting With AI-Powered Summaries


Use Case 5: Transform Risk Assessment Data Into Actionable AI Insights

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